Brand HITON was established in 2002 in order to promote renewable sources of energy. HITON is primarily a trustworthy and professional company specialising in the production of eco fuel heating appliances that are ecologically friendly. The company was established by engineers working on novel developments streamlining production in many industries. Among other achievements, our engineers have developed and implemented the first fully automated capping line used in production of caps and bottling. Next, numerous cutting-edge patents and ideas were developed and patented.

Each year around 30% of the company's profit is reinvested in various research and development projects aimed at introducing innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector.

Heat your home, not the planet!

This is our mission statement we adhere to when making decisions regarding our products and services. We endeavour to satisfy our clients and to make sure they are pleased with our cooperatio as well as our products, which is achieved by constantly refining our offer and introducing new products in response to market demand. We pride ourselves for positive opinions of our clients, the fact that they keep on coming back to us as well as the constantly increasing number of distributors of our products in all major EU countries and worldwide.

We are involved in:

  • Promotion of cutting edge technologies relating to the use of renewable energy as a source of heat
  • Organisation and active participation in public conferences
  • Providing analyses, research and development projects regarding implementation of innovative technology
  • Design and implementation of boiler rooms of up 90 kW (we customise our offer depending on client individual needs)
  • Advisory services to future investors